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Green Collection

Green Collection

A pocket sized tin of four shades of green ranging from light, yellowish green, earthy mid tone to a dark bluish green. As greens are notoriously tricky to mix, you’ll find this a convenient palette in your paintbox.

Four half pans of handmade watercolour in the following green colours:

Art Scribe Green Number 01

Viridian, Yellow Shade 

Green Oxide (Chrome Green)

Heliogen Green (Phthalo Green Dark)


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Green Collection


Green watercolour palette

Our Green watercolour palette is a well balanced collection of four green shades ranging from warm to cool.
Having numerous greens in your watercolour palette is always useful as they help to depict shadows, textures and tonal values in landscapes, foliage, water and even portraiture.


The four green shades include:

Art Scribe Green Number 01 PB15 PY74

A warm fresh green with yellow undertones. Semi-transparent and non granulating. Think of sunlight through newly unfurled leaves.

Lemon Viridian PG18 PY35

A green whose tone is cool, light and soft. It is semi-transparent and slightly granulating. Use Lemon Viridian for a clean green with a soft glow.

Green Oxide (Chrome Green) PG17

A mid tone, earthy green.  Highly opaque with moderate granulation and good tinting strength. Try mixing Green Oxide with other colours to soften them and create other greens.

Heliogen Green (Phthalo Green Dark) PG7

A dark bluish green. When applied as a wash, Heliogen green becomes beautifully vibrant. A versatile green that mixes well.



Green watercolour palette comes in a pocket sized tin. The four half pans are secured by magnets therefore arranging or replacing colours is easy. The characteristics of each colour is illustrated by a hand painted insert within your tin.

Your tin of handmade watercolours will arrive through the door in a letterbox friendly box.

We make our watercolours in small batches using the traditional process of hand mulling and using our own binder in which to suspend the pigments. Find out how we make our watercolours in About Us.

We source our artist grade pigments from reputable suppliers of fine art:

L.Cornellissens & Son

Kremer Pigmente

Additional information

Weight 0.101 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm

Heliogen Green, Green Oxide, Viridian, Green