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Primary Colours Collection

Primary Colours Collection

This carefully selected palette guarantees the artist can mix a complete spectrum of bright, un-muddied colours.

Ideal as an introductory palette.

Three half pans of handmade watercolour in the following primary colours: Cobalt Blue Medium, Hansa Brilliant Yellow, Art Scribe Scarlet Deep.


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Primary Colours Collection


Primary Colours palette guarantees bright, un-muddied colour mixing.

We’ve taken away the risk of making murky and disappointing colour mixes with this carefully selected collection of three primary colours.
The colour-mixing potential of this palette means you can discover a spectrum of fresh greens, complex oranges and fruity purples at the tip of your paintbrush.
An ideal starter palette if you’re new to watercolours or just love easy colour mixing!

Primary Colours Collection includes these colours:

Cobalt Blue Medium PB28

A mid tone blue that does not lean towards red therefore ideal for mixing unmuddied greens.

Hansa Brilliant Yellow PY74

A bright yellow with strong colour saturation that mixes beautifully. It adds light to the greens and oranges it creates.

Art Scribe Scarlet Deep PR108 PR209

We created this red to mix clean purples and violets and complex oranges. On its own it brings a power and brilliance.

Primary Colour palette comes in a pocket sized tin. The half pans are secured by magnets therefore arranging or replacing colours are easy. A hand painted insert illustrates the characteristics of each colour.

Your tin of handmade watercolours will arrive through the door in a letterbox friendly box.

We make our watercolours in small batches using the traditional process of hand mulling and using our own binder in which to suspend the pigments. Find out how we make our watercolours in About Us.

We source our artist grade pigments from reputable suppliers of fine art:

L.Cornellissens & Son

Kremer Pigmente

Additional information

Weight 0.101 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm