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Dot Card: Watercolour Dot Card

Our Watercolour Dot Card is a sample card with seven generous dots of our hand mulled professional watercolour paint for you to try.

Simply bring the colours to life with a wet brush.


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Dot Card: Watercolour Dot Card


Watercolour Dot Card

As artists ourselves, we understand that you may like to sample the quality and high pigment content of our colours before committing to a larger set. Our Watercolour Dot Card is designed to do just that!

Use as a portable palette and bring the colours to life using a wet brush. You’ll find the Dot Card is ideal for taking out and about or slipping in your sketchbook.

Dot Card has the following colours:

Art Scribe Scarlet DeepOrange Iron OxideHansa Brilliant YellowHeliogen Green, Cobalt TurquoiseViolet Mid ShadeGraphite Black.

Find out more about how we make our watercolours and their ingredients HERE.

We source our pigments from reputable suppliers:

L.Cornellissens & Son

Kremer Pigmente

Additional information

Weight 0.012 g
Dimensions 180 × 115 × 25 mm